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Why The Top Chief Sales Leaders Embrace Sales Analytics

You're a founder-led #CEO. You've received approval from your advisors and investors to hire a sales leader. Or perhaps you've moved into the stage of replacing your current sales leader.

Before beginning the search and interviewing of your new CGO, CRO or CSO, there is one critical competency of successful sales leaders that you must find. Your new sales leader must approach sales planning and execution with analytics.

In a recent "Sales Leadership Effectiveness" ebook from #Gartner, they report that "CSO-driven analytics are 2.3 times more likely to achieve higher forecast accuracy and 1.8 times more likely to exceed customer acquisition goals".

Our team at #LucrumPartners has a related video blog on the topic -"Why Every GTM Strategy Needs a NorthStar"

"But most sales leaders see a massive gap between sales analytics expectations and reality"

By now, most CEOs have read about the shift in #b2b buying patterns, with larger than ever buying groups and a buyer preference for digital first, frictionless buying. McKinsey recently reported that nearly 80% prefer digital interactions.

The data led or signals led executive sales leader must have a modern sales playbook. Why?

Because prospecting has changed. Discovery has changed. Product demonstrations have changed. Sales team design has changed. And sales leadership has changed. Gartner's view of the digital buying validation and consensus building highlights the new complexity in B2B sales.

This rapid shift to digital first buying, has put many sales organizations on their heals. But not all organizations are sitting idle. As an example, here's how sales designs are changing in response to the buyer data. Research from Boston Consulting Group indicates that over the next three years, 63 percent of organizations expect their field sales revenue to decrease, while 80 percent expect their inside/ digital sales revenue to increase. Forward-thinking organizations are giving digital sellers bigger roles and more autonomy to compensate for this shift.

As the founder-led CEO, your current chief growth or sales or revenue or whatever leader must be speaking the language of analytics led GTM strategy. If not, you may find your team with even greater challenges of building the 2024 sales pipeline and achieving the expected revenue targets. This is hard. We can help


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