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Hey 6sense - Don't Bury the Lead!

After reading this recent blog from 6sense, I felt a tectonic plate shifting under my feet.

Here's the earth moving quote for all #GTM leaders: "Studies have found that the typical win rate for inbound leads is 1.5x-2.5x higher than outbound leads.  This makes sense from a logical standpoint: inbound leads are raising their hands and saying, “hey I want to talk.” Whereas outbound leads are typically associated with cold outreach, meaning they might not be in-market or at the right stage of their journey. But a funny thing is happening at 6sense: our win rates for outbound are higher than inbound."  

Wait. What? Outbound wins rates are higher than inbound?

Yes, the new variables for #b2b sales success are timing and intent. "When you get into a deal first — and especially when you have unparalleled intelligence about an account — your odds of winning jump dramatically. That’s why 6sense places huge importance on outbound, a channel that has typically been relegated as less important than inbound."

Leading firms are creating #GTM motions that are woven together by sales, marketing and sales engineering/solutioning plays. 6sense states: "Better data + stronger focus = massive results. #Showpad increased its close rate 289% by prioritizing sales using 6sense intent data. #Qualtrics increased sales opportunities 26% and reduced cost-per-opportunity by 67%."

Wow! GTM teams leveraging buyer intelligence platforms create an unfair advantage for their sales teams.

  • They know which accounts to focus their marketing dollars on.

  • They have the info needed to set up campaigns based on which accounts are interested in specific topics.

  • With the aid of AI, they can predict which buying stage an account is in, so you can deliver content suitable to their buying journeys.

  • When they know an account’s buying stage and topics of interest, they can reach out when they are nearing a purchase decision and focus on the topics that concern them.


There are many #b2bsales teams still using pre-pandemic playbooks or adjusted playbook they tweaked when buyers and sellers went remote. Both are expired approached. Today's digital first buyers are completing nearly 80% of their research and evaluation BEFORE contacting a solutions provider or seller. Old playbooks are not built on how buyers are buying today. After reading the blog above, look at your pipeline health & velocity metrics. Beginning to see the issue?

Shifting go-to-market strategies is hard, but necessary. We can help.


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