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 Sales Revenue Optimization 

Lucrum (n.) "material gain, advantage, profit"  - We Fix Revenue Blockers 

Are you a founder CEO struggling to scale revenue in the B2B marketplace?

Are you a founder CEO questioning the effectiveness of your Go To Market team? 

Are you a founder CEO feeling your sales team is getting beat to connecting with buyers? .  

Are you a founder CEO frustrated with stalled pipelines and missed forecasts?

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Scaling Revenue is Hard.

Improving your sales effectiveness is even harder.

 Today's B2B buyers complete ~80% of the buying process before talking to sellers. That means your buyers are likely better at buying than to your sellers are at selling.

Modern sales teams require a data informed modern sales system. 

This is where we step in. 

Revenue Engine Expert Diagnostics

We bring modern revenue operations expertise to clients.


Lucrum Partners first translates the leading edge market research and creates the roadmap to move your firm from today’s ad-hoc or informal practices to formalized processes.

Then we pressure test the current go to market strategies and design assessment driven talent strategies, formalize sales and account management processes, create structured coaching and development programs, and connect the right sales and marketing technologies to deliver on the metrics that matter.

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Executive Relationship Marketing 

We can also help in preparing you for these critical meetings, join you at the meetings, and provide effective follow-ups to drive next steps. 

Funding Readiness

Our network is comprised of experienced consultants in business funding. We’ll guide you in preparing to attract debt or equity capital from Banks, Angels, Venture Capitalists, or Private Equity firms. 

We’re Good with Numbers


Years of Experience



Scaling Revenue Maturity 

Whether you're the CEO or the Managing Partner of a PE portfolio company, you can feel a missing gear in your revenue engine preventing next level growth. The research you've been reading shows that post pandemic buyers are exponentially better at digital buying, than your sellers are at digital selling.  

But, your team is consumed with maintaining day to day operations and they lack the experienced, analytical horsepower to diagnose the exact sales operations cylinders impacting the firm's potential performance. 

We are experts in unlocking suppressed revenue performance. We find the missing gear and work with your team to optimize revenue engine processes and practices.  


Our Fans

Jennifer Ives

CEO, Board Member

"While working with Brian, our global organization experienced immediate benefits after embracing formal sales methodologies and talent management rigor to strengthen our sales team. His impact was profound, with a focus on accessing sales industry research and experts who could translate said research into actionable motions. Shifting to intentional sales coaching and development was a game changer, resulting in noticeable improvements to our team’s performance."

Heather Combs

CEO, Board Member

"I saw the commercial impact of updating our sales talent profiles, implementing modern selling methodologies, and doubling down on coaching our front line sales leaders. Training was key for standardizing processes and ensuring consistency across the combined sales and marketing departments. Our commercial team improved close won rates, average deal size, and predictably of pipeline forecasts.”   

David Steiner


"Lucrum Partners was recommended to our team by a trusted colleague. He led us through a series of insightful questions about the status of our business. Refreshingly frank, Brian outlined where we needed to improve and concrete plans to make changes. He then engaged our team on a focused strategy planning session that was strong on implementation and execution. The entire team is engaged for success and has clear lines of sight on where we are headed.” 

Mike McCann


 "Lucrum Partners helped us communicate leadership's expectations of our new Sales Process and System to the business in a way that provided coachable behaviors to the team leaders and a path forward for training and messaging. Their workshop at our Sales Meeting was integral to the event's success and to the roll out of our Sales System company-wide"

Kim Scribner

 Senior Director, Transformation

"As a life-long agilist and business leader, I was able to see first hand how Brian brings together leading change management practices and his experience with building sales organizations. The commercial impact of benchmarking industry leading practices, under Brian's guidance, provided a maturity model for account management processes and product management strategy. Together this allowed our client to see how proposed customer centric structure and formal process design could drive new revenue. 

Brian is a pragmatic sales leader that is capable of helping organizations pivot to maximize their effectiveness in relationship management."

Kim Mirazimi

Chief Revenue Officer

We saw immediate benefits of embracing formal sales methods and talent management rigor to rebuild our sales team. I recognize the impact of having access to sales industry research and experts who could translate the research into actionable motions. Shifting to intentional coaching and development was a game changer in improving our sellers' performance.” 

Kate Mistry

AVP/Director, Learning & Engagement

 "Lucrum Partners was easy to work with from planning to execution. Brian quickly understood what we wanted and was able to translate that vision to develop and deliver a compelling session to our branch leaders in addition to helping us establish messaging, coaching, and a sales framework we could use across the Company. His insight into the Sales process and crafting a Sales system has made our processes much easier to train to, and for that, we're all grateful."

Rich Beatty 

Founder, Partner

"Brian is a sales management strategist, tactician, and organizational rock star! I had the pleasure of working with him this year on a very challenging consulting engagement for an association in the financial industry. Brian brought a capability to translate industry best practice into a highly relevant customer-centric solution for our client. His expertise in designing modern account management recommendations with an emphasis on talent strategy that ensures the right people are in the right seats was invaluable. Perhaps most importantly, Brian demonstrated pitch-perfect listening skills to help a variety of client stakeholders understand how our recommendations fit their needs and exactly what will be required for them to transform into a more effective organization" 


Let's Talk. 

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